Top Ten most Awesome Boat , Crashes, Collisions, Sinkings and Amazings Sights at Sea
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Offshore power boats ships crash crashes collisions accidents huge waves perfect storm sink sinking sea lake river speed deadliest catch plunge dive stopper …

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  1. jgtdaw says:

    An out of control jumbo jet! «=>

  2. QuickIsland says:

    Not to be a hater, but there is no awesome about thees boat crashes. The people on board may have been killed, or badly hurt.

  3. henrian ander says:

    or mbv – who sees you

  4. edisonsun21c says:

    how the hell did the last one happened?

  5. nathan radly says:


  6. XBL2197 says:

    At 2:30 it looks like a plane about to take Off.. And then did a back flip!

  7. RepublicOfMexico says:

    0:14 thats why you dont repurpose jets to be used as boats

  8. Visda58 says:

    Well, close. Rather it’s: no risk, no very fast boats. Gain is something else.
    Sedate is not the antithesis of fast boat anyway.

  9. Blind Freddy says:

    because they are very fast. I guess you live a sedate life. No risk no gain.

  10. Blind Freddy says:

    because they are very fast. I guess you live a sedate life. No risk no gain.

  11. Aven Carrington says:

    Awesome? Where is your heart.

  12. Johan van der Berg says:

    i’m pretty sure there was more than ten?

  13. cole gerrard says:

    this video licks balls

  14. Visda58 says:

    Why do they keep making/racing boats that fly when you the hit the inevitable ripples bound to occur in all bodies of water?

  15. TomRock81 says:


  16. MrMikemcmike says:

    nah, I like the song.

  17. ItalyPaul says:

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  18. owen oglesby says:

    Hey I’m in this video crashing the pontoon

  19. marktimmer2212 says:

    The most expensive way to commit suicide

  20. warjacare says:

    Nice videos. It’s like the Formula 1 game. Lot of accidents.

  21. turdman corncob says:

    Stupid boats, ur not airplanes, stay in the water

  22. DoctorGarkle says:

    It appears that inside (or on top of) these waterborn missiles is some odd and not-very-bright species of monkey.

  23. defilade31 says:

    better with the sound off

  24. fastautoinsurance says:

    Know someone who did this!