Xbox One Unveil Video
By Leonuk On 22 May, 2013 At 08:09 PM | Categorized As Games & Recreation | With 2 Comments


Introducing Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system. This is the unveil video for the Xbox One, showcasing the console, the new Kinect sensor and the …
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  1. ten k says:

    *1 week after release of XBOX ONE* I get on youtube to find a “how to get around the used disc fee tutorial”.

  2. William Wallis says:

    Well after watching this… there is now no incentive for me to ever look back for console gaming again. PC time here I come! =D

  3. 2112aleks420 says:

    xbox one go home, you’re drunk

  4. Toron James says:

    Its Kinect.

  5. Jake Lance says:

    I’m still waiting for X1 titles on E3.

  6. imagbaby5 says:

    not true at all first it has a gay design gay name and it cant play 360 games and don’t want to waste their money on a black box

  7. freedomaster07 says:

    This is my first time saying this: “I might switch to PS4″.

  8. MrAjthekiller says:

    go here >>>>> fuck this guy

  9. 1337BananaL33TVostok says:

    Microsoft you have failed at a monumental level you should be ashamed of yourselves

  10. DrMonkeyBoyJr says:


  11. N0Nipz says:

    consoles don’t come out very often.

  12. GAMES4Chris says:

    Thats the joke, It starts at one then goes around in a 360 and then comes right back to one= Xbox one. :)

  13. MomsXbox says:

    this doesn’t even look cool. lol

  14. Drocness says:

    non backwards compatible and my friends will have to pay to play borrowed games. been an xbox guy for 10 years… ps4 here we come

  15. mrjackmcsteel says:

    Why XBOX one is a piece of shit.
    1- Called XBOX ONE when it is the 3rd XBOX
    2-Can’t fucking borrow games from friends for free anymore
    3-Can’t play the same game you fucking bought on different accounts on the same console without paying a fee.
    4-No one watches TV, we got the internet. Why the fuck would we want TV on a games console when we don’t want TV by its self
    5-No backwards compatibility
    6-Fuck NFL people outside of the USA don’t give a fuck about NFL
    7-Trying to destroy 2nd hand games

  16. zMagmaSnipinGz says:

    Nice, except they forgot: TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV

  17. andredeseqn9 says:

    This is just plain sad,I mean it looks good but when research this on the web hear some bad bad things about this console,most 360 players are switching to ps4 because of this rubbish,psn for life!!

  18. kinkilin30 says:


  19. eablamborghini2 says:

    xbox original

    xbox 360

    xbox 360 s

    xbox one

    it’s like it’s gone below the original

  20. TrinidaddyHD says:

    The only people that are hating on the Xbox one are the people that don’t have the money for one hahahaha

  21. imagbaby5 says:

    u could’ve at least took out the e and put a w in the front xbox won but evn so that’s fukng gay

  22. animedude639 says:

    8 years actually :/

  23. luigibrosvidios says:

    Wait a minute havnt we already had this console??? Oh no its xbox’s chronologically confusing consoles back again T_T

  24. FanatiCs76Xx says:

    C’est un parpaing mdrr

  25. Austin Garrison says:

    Every 6 years? wow, what a hassle