What are your opinions of the Xbox One?
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What are your opinions of the Xbox One?
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Is it better (or worse) than the PlayStation 4 or the Wii U?

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  1. Jaco RA! says:

    It’s more of a TV system like the Apple TV than a game system. They’re not playing to there strength of being thee hardcore gaming system. Plus paying a fee for pre owned games, what if you borrow a game from a friend… Will you have to pay the fee?
    I’m going with a PS4 since I’m sick of Microsoft being greedy about their money. Sure ill miss Halo, but now I will have more options not to mention free online and no fee for used games. Also PCs.

  2. KalSkirata. says:

    Another console I cannot afford.

    But I dont think there will be much of a difference. its either a choice of being a fanboy or a choice of the exclusive titles.
    And for me, Gears of War and especially Halo definitely win over Killzone and LBP.

  3. [Womack] says:

    Microsoft is becoming less user friendly….So PS4 or Pc are better imo.

  4. -Chernobyl- says:

    I’m going PS quadruple and PC. The Xbox One is just going to be a DVR that plays games.

  5. General MONKEY(Banana) says:

    Ps4 and xbox one console specs seem pretty even. The only difference are the accesories. Xbox is making the kinect more involved in gaming. All those hand motions, hear beat tracking, etc. Ps4 has the share button to show off recorded gameplay (Doubt you can record an entire BF4 match though). Not sure if xbox has that recording feature too. It all comes down to being a fan and the exclusives. If you want to cross sides that’s fine too. All the talk of which console is better is worthless. In the end PC dominates. Wii U….who plays wii still?

  6. Mlucci( Fallout Addict...Need Fixer ) says:

    Personally I have been a fan of Xbox for their titles. But I never liked some of their smaller polices such as paid online subscriptions and their very odd marketplace currency, good thing they plan on changing their credit system around. I’ll have to wait until I hear more on both the PS4 and Xbox One before I make my decision, but I will most likely not get both for a long time…most likely until they stop the sales of 360 and PS3 games. But at the moment, I’m swinging more towards PS4, but nothing both can’t compete with Steam…their sales are too great to match anything Sony and Microsoft can offer.

  7. Commander Wolffe says:

    Screw the Xbox One. They’re shifting their focus from gaming to a TV multimedia system…

    PS4 is centered on games, and you won’t be paying craploads of fees like you would with the Xbox One.

  8. /ForceRecon/ says:

    [] I have to disagree with you on the exclusives. GoW is shit IMO. I just don’t like their greed.

  9. KalSkirata. says:

    Aaaand thats a completely different topic.

    But you can discuss Gears of War with pecovam lol


    I like it, can’t wait for it to come out. Way better then ps4.

  11. မEscalator Mechanicမ says:

    Looks like a pretty good DVD player.


    it does!

  13. မEscalator Mechanicမ says:

    [] What else is it supposed to do, again?

  14. CJCutrone9 says:


    XD About all it is for. :P

  15. Psychoticgoblin says:

    I already have a VCR, sorry.


    Suppose to play games it sure doesn’t look like it. I thinks is cool!

  17. မEscalator Mechanicမ says:

    Holy balls that VCR can play games?
    Take my money, Microsoft.

  18. Lord Gerhard says:


  19. General MONKEY(Banana) says:

    Funny. People complain about the xbox lean towards TV. But in all reality what else is there to talk about at these press conferences besides specs. It’s a no brainier these consoles can play games. It’s a no brainier the graphics are going to be better than current generation consoles. They have to put something else out. Honestly why spend $500 on an gaming "only" console. Lego cost enough already. :/

  20. Lord Gerhard says:

    [] HUE HUE HUE

  21. Preston_J.P. says:

    Worse, much worse. Again, you have to pay for online, it looks like a stupid VCR and it requires the Kinect to function (reducing easy access when sold as a used device; if you get the console and no Kinect, it’s almost entirely useless). Those are the only two on the top of my head. Also, the name is terrible.

    However, my favorite part has to be how Sony’s shares jumped 9% today (Nintendo’s stocks also jumped) because apparently the conference was that bad an impression to investors.

  22. xXHaBXx . says:

    Personally I’m gonna buy it,but I’ll be outside more

  23. HoleyTeeth says:

    [] The PS4 might have the slight advantage over the X1 because its RAM (GDDR5 vs. GDDR3) is more powerful. However, the X1 does have the ability to balence it out via the SRAM on its GPU but its really up to how deveolpers are going to use a console’s specs (see Nintendo and Ubisoft’s work on the Wii U).

    The main concern I have about the Xbox One is that will it be able to hold up in the long run? During the conference they confirmed that the X1 will be able to act as a cable box. The problem, is is that cable already drains a ton of energy and CPU usage. Combining that with all its other functions (Blu-Ray/DvD, gaming console, etc), how long will the X1 last? All that power consumption on one machine could be extremely risky if MS didn’t consider lowering the CPU usage/making the X1 more efficient. Of course, let’s hope that Microsoft actually makes something right before rushing it out (again >.<).

    [] I found it really funny that stocked jumped (and lowered for Microsoft) but it seems to be a common trend. Nintendo lost some stock when the Wii U came out but its been balancing out.

    At the moment, I’m pretty disappointed. The fact that Kinect will always be connected (new camera and motion controls do intrigue me though), we have to pay a fee for used games (combating Pirates but still .-.), the new controller, and its lack of games (I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of exclusive games in its first year [15 confirmed] are Kinect or party related to appeal to a larger group of people) are holding me back.

  24. General MONKEY(Banana) says:

    [] Yes, I do hope Microsoft steps up their game in E3 (Most likely not). As for the console itself and the possibility of over heating…..lets just make this straight. We should all save our money and not rush into these new consoles. My plan is to wait for both consoles to have a slim version. There is always a slim version later down the line (marketing thing).

  25. ~The Question says:

    PS4 is looking to be the best console.

  26. HoleyTeeth says:

    [] Yeah, I learned from my past mistake when we got the 360 so early. Dem rings >.<

    This pretty much applies for gaming too, if the game is worthwhile (and isn’t an exclusive) I tend to wait for a GoTY edition or anniversary edition so I can get the DLCs C:

  27. [The Hoff] says:

    I’m sticking with the 360.

  28. Doodstormer says:

    Copied over from Facebook cuz I’m lazy:

    "Hey kiddies, you like Xbox? Them Call of Duties and Halos the way you get your game on? Well let me tell you all about the new one, the Xbox One! (It’s the third one)


    NEXT GEN MOTION CAPTURE – Remember the Kinect? Of course you don’t! That thing is broken and expensive! Well the Xbox One requires constant connection to a Kinect 2 (which has the right number, surprisingly) at all times in order to function. Why? It’s the future, and shoddy motion gimmicks are the way it works!

    SHARING IS FOR LOSERS – Every game you buy can only be used with one console. Ever. If you have a Live account, maybe you can download your profile to other consoles, but if you don’t too bad, you’ll have to repurchase every game for every console you want to play on. No bringing your games to friends’ houses, rentals, or buying/selling used games. You can only buy it when it’s new and at full price because once it leaves stores, it’s GONE baby.

    PLAY IT MAYBE TWENTY MINUTES AT ANY TIME – You need constant internet connection to operate it. Well maybe that’s not fair, you need to connect it once every 24 hours to install games that you still need the CD to run. Since this is the future, everyone lives in space stations with constant wifi access and therefore this will never be a problem, ever!

    CONSUMERS ARE SHEEP – You’ll still buy it and lead Microsoft to believe it’s a good product because heaven forbid you go without a shooter game that is the exact same as every other shooter game! They might even change the number on NBA 2K13 to 2K14 and you can play that too!"

  29. ~The Question says:

    I love the part where you have to pay an additional fee for XBox one games that are used

  30. LegoIiner PiIot says:

    If you can’t play used games one the X1 then GameStop is going down the drain, because a lot of their business is flipping used games. Serves them right, considering that GameStop is one of the worst businesses ever.

  31. ~The Question says:

    You have to use an account to install the game onto your hard drive and once its registered to that account its not free.
    If you want to lend a game to a friend you have to have them pay a fee (probs gonna be like 20$) to play the game on their xbox

  32. မEscalator Mechanicမ says:

    And this is why the new Xbox is going to kick the balls of everyone who uses it.

  33. CJCutrone9 says:

    I hope this thing fails in every way possible.

  34. Pharaoh Matsimela II says:

    "Hey, we’re Apple, and this is the new Apple TV…… What? Wrong Cue Cards? WRONG PRODUCTION TEAM!?!?!?! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING A GAME SYSTEM NOT THIS APPLE TV THING.
    Well, lets roll with the punches, ‘excited’ crowd! SO, THIS IS THE XBOX ONE. LOOK SKYPE CALLS. LOOK KINECT. LOOK A FANCY TV BOX."

  35. မEscalator Mechanicမ says:


  36. Lego Hunter Studios says:

    X1 will probably be cheaper than the PS4….

  37. ♠DJB♠ says:

    You’re paying for a fancy cable box… The PS3 was at equal cost with Blu-Ray players at the time, and it did so much more. I’m sticking with Sony and Nintendo on this one. Microsoft seems very confused on how to market to gamers. They’re weird people. Nowhere else is a more disgruntled and easily upset fanbase than in gaming. PS4 shows potential, with games like LBP, Uncharted, Killzone, The Last of Us, ect., and Wii U has the new Super Smash Bros, new Zelda, new Mario, and various other games going for it. Xbox has Halo, Gears, and Kinect-based games, three things that are falling in popularity. The FPS has lost its edge and is dying out in popularity. Take a look at Black Ops II, made history with sales, but nobody talks much about it now. It’s a series that’s overstayed its welcome, much like the Xbox is, and to some extent, the PS4 is. This desire to combine social media with games isn’t a bad idea, but the introverts don’t like it because they have no friends and it seems pointless for them, so they frown upon it and vocalize their opinion more than those that don’t care, saying that everything is becoming like Facebook. It’s sad, but true. Now, I care as much as the next guy that my friend is playing CoD, but there are those that do. I’m not a fan of the new generation, but in the end, none of the companies have released enough info about the games they plan on producing.

  38. Lego Hunter Studios says:

    [] Yeah, I can’t really work with sony’s layout, prices, and controllers though. I will wait for MSRP Releases before I really make up my mind about what I want. BTW I hate cod also.

  39. ~The Question says:

    ^And you pay 20$ a month just for internet access on the system?