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Electronic Parts Catalog Software Provider CADENAS PARTsolutions Launch New Product Configurator for OEP Couplings

Electronic Parts Catalog Software Provider CADENAS PARTsolutions Launch New Product Configurator for OEP Couplings

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

Electronic parts catalog provider, CADENAS PARTsolutions, and OEP Couplings, a diverse manufacturer of precision CNC machined couplings and subcomponents, announce the new online product configurator at Designed to dramatically shorten the design and modeling time for OEPs customers, the new configurator enables engineers to quickly configure and download models of OEP products in more than 150 native and neutral formats.

OEP Couplings manufactures CNC machined subcomponents, including variable capacitors and shaft couplings. Their component parts can be found in products from more than 100 industry categories, including food processing equipment, industrial machinery, firearms and many more. The diverse customer base makes ease of use and simplicity a critical factor for the new configurator.

Formerly, engineers would have a single point of contact at OEP for their CAD modeling requirements. The designer would call or email OEPs internal resources, who would manually generate and email each CAD part individually. The manual process was time-consuming and cumbersome, creating a bottleneck in the process for both OEP and the customer.

We saw the configurator on another CADENAS PARTsolutions customer site and knew we had found the answer to our problem, says Steven Elliott, Plant Manager at OEP. We liked the way it worked and looked. The CAD portion of the website performs flawlessly and quickly, without the need for the user to have any special knowledge or experience. The process is simple and intuitive.

The new electronic parts catalog enables users to instantly configure and download the CAD parts they need and serves as a tent-pole for future marketing and customer focused initiatives. The analytics and statistics built into the online configurator will show OEP exactly who their top fans are, enabling OEP to distribute targeted campaigns and new offers much more accurately.

Simple and functional, these are the reasons manufacturers have so much success with our product configurators, adds Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. By simply enabling customers to work on their own schedule, configure the exact parts they need and provide files in the format they prefer, weve greatly improved the user experience and streamlined OEPs internal process at the same time. Weve consistently seen manufacturers leverage this approach to increase website visits, leads and sales, powering their business into the future.

About OEP Couplings

OEP Couplings manufactures a complete line of high-performance, innovative shaft couplings, precisely machined from advanced materials, using the most sophisticated machining technology available. The OEP Coupling division of Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is a continuation of an already long history of manufacturing excellence.

About CADENAS PARTsolutions

CADENAS PARTsolutions is a leading provider of next generation 3D part catalog management and sales configuration solutions. For large manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides centralized 3D standard part catalogs making it easy for global design teams to find, reuse, and control standard and proprietary parts. For component manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides 3D part catalog with CAD download technology to increase sales lead generation and to ensure that components get designed in to OEM products.

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