Xbox One Reverses DRM! Angry Rant Pt.3
By Leonuk On 17 Sep, 2013 At 07:31 PM | Categorized As Games & Recreation | With 2 Comments


X1 Angry Rant Part 1: X1 Angry Rant Part 2: For more Visit: http://angr…

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  1. Jack Sisco says:

    I said that before they changed it man.

  2. Hector Ramirez Carbo says:

    Yay yaya yes

  3. DX115FALCON says:

    I still think that Microsoft had planned to do this from the start, and announced the DRM to make a controversy

  4. alsopsselinac says:

    This video is really great! I must say I’ve seen it a couple of times already. For a much better game (from my opinion) go check this one out . You’ll enjoy, I think.­­m

  5. Damian Castillo says:

    I agree Justin. In the end, gaming is about choice and we need both Sony and MS to succeed in order to insure innovation continues. It’s amazing how competition does this. :-) I own a PS3 and Xbox360. I don’t plan on owning two systems this time around but I do hope they both succeed in their own way. Just because I am going with the PS4, that does not make the XB1 a bad choice. Too many people attack the system they did not choose which is not needed.

  6. Dudeius Mannigast says:

    @14:00 just you wait until the NSA fucks you with that new kinect bar…. up your ass, no lube, no privacy!

  7. Toisestars619 says:

    Why wouldn’t you want a pc? They have most of the features of a console and then some. And they are not much more expensive than the next gen consoles. A good pc will set you back maximum £600 and if you build yourself then even cheaper. So why?

  8. Dudeius Mannigast says:

    and why did they not tell us about what the NSA will be able to see in all future xbox one owners home?

    they sure are trying EVERYTHING to save their own asses now! “we care about the gamers, the consumers etc..” fuck you M$! we are no idiots!

  9. shocco says:

    Every single word you said was 100% correct

  10. Throgdar The Brute says:

    I don’t understand why he is so happy… Has he forgotten the line he kept repeating over and over ? The one about how Microsoft can change its policies at any time they want ? The hardware for all those stupid features is already built in, chances are they can just switch it on at any time if they want.

  11. gzzaraaaa says:

    You fucking idiot, PART 3!

  12. Curtis XLegitX says:

    Lets be honest, DRM is hated, but is necessary. If there was no DRM these companies would even be here today. People complain about piracy now, if there was nothing to protect the software, all you are doing is making it easier for pirate’s to download an use. An can we please stop idolizing the PS4,Sony does one good thing (PR) an they become god, have we forgotten they supported SOPA? Have we forgotten the month that PSN was down? Both companies have their ups and downs, but neither are better

  13. Ben Fordyce says:

    1. You really need to take a look at Surface Pro and the upcoming Surface Pro 2 and reviews, then get back to me. 2. The only thing that Windows Phone doesn’t do better than Apple or Android is Apps. But with more time and more people buying the product, developer support for the app store will come. 3. The previous Xbox One policies had a lot of advantages that you or AngryJoe probably don’t know about , not just family sharing, but the messaging was just terrible.

  14. Ryan Simpson says:

    I have owned and preordered every MS console until now. Microsoft has betrayed our trust! Every thing they have been doing lately has been bombing: Win8, WinPhones, Surface tabs… All garbage! The policies that they would have gladly enforced on the community that made XBOX 360 the most successful console of this generation were designed to exploit our loyalty and give MS huge revenue. If you have any integrity, spend your money elsewhere! Do not support MS!

  15. Tay Veng Keong says:

    Sorry to those halo fans who think halo is da best. But I prefer Gears of War and Uncharted…dunno why but I think I like 3rd person than 1st person shooter

  16. spetrisco says:

    I don’t know… Microsoft isn’t a company that would give In easy, Sony would listen, like their command button, there’s a good and bad, trollers, and nice people, they would listen instant, but back to Microsoft, I respect both, I have ps3 and 360, they seem to be both really good, this new stuff, I’ll believe when I see

  17. arianalpaynep says:

    Amazing video, bro! I needed to view it a couple of times to be sure I didnt miss anything! Lol . . . Really, nice job. In case you have some time, go check this out Addictive game I been playing.­­m

  18. Justin Marks says:

    I’d have to disagree only slightly. Sony definitely had DRM in mind, in fact they were the first but were scepticle. MS just jumped on the bandwagon and pushed it through. Sony even admitted it but were unsure whether it was too early for the push and how well it will go. The reaction to MS only confirmed it. MS focus on everything where as Sony focus only the positives and stayed silent with the rest. MS have failed marketing terribly and need to know what appeals to customers and what doesn’t.

  19. Justin Marks says:

    There true vision I don’t think takes away from gamers despite all the obvious crap that has happened. They just seem to focus that this console has more to offer apart from gaming. So instead of a “We are a new T.V. topbox” it’s more of a “We have good gaming plus all this”. Just my opinion
    It all comes down to personal preference and opinion anyway. I’m going xbox for games and curious about the extras. Good to know though some people aren’t here just to rant off MS but actually talk logically

  20. Justin Marks says:

    I understand your point of view and I agree with you. But I can’t help but twinge at people when they’re suggesting that MS walking into a boardroom and said “Right, we will fuck customers over and see what happens”. They could have been thinking they were doing a good thing eliminating privacy and moving forward but customers didn’t like it, weren’t paying for it, so they changed it.
    Just offering peaceful discussion not intending for insult. All I can say is that I’m relieved from the change.

  21. Justin Marks says:

    Same, personal preference

  22. Justin Marks says:

    Of course Halo is a cash cow. Because it’s still a good game and people love playing. Think of it from multiple perspectives. 1, if you have a game and it’s still making money, people want to play it and still thoroughly enjoy the experience I don’t see reason to stop making it. 2, if you’re a gamer who really loves Halo it would be a tad disappointing if they discontinued simply because some know that it makes money. 3, even if one dislikes it there are still thousands of people that love it.

  23. sharpwingx6 says:

    Don’t consoles do the same thing as PCs these days?
    Consoles are just computers with non-customize-able specs in the end.The only reason why PC hasn’t completely taken over is because of exclusives.

    This year’ll be a real good year for Nintendo though… XD

    (Text doesn’t translate emotion well, so I just want to clarify that I’m not arguing with you. I’m just pointing something out.)


    I don’t care man, M$ tried to do that stuff to all of us, I’m not even gonna bother.

  25. The Chase says:

    @2.29 why Nelson is a disease to gaming.